What is SEO Cycle or SEO Process? How to do

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How to do SEO? What is SEO cycle or SEO process? Start to End SEO! Watch this video to learn about SEO process or SEO cycle. In this video on The Skill Sets channel, Imran Shafi SEO coach is going to share very much important information with you that can make your SEO working more and much easy. Just watch this video complete to learn about how to start SEO for your website on your own. Furthermore, these SEO tips and tricks will help you to bring your website in top search results on Google and other search engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that consists of various activities. If you have given a website and asked to do SEO for that website, then you should follow the following steps to complete your SEO working for that particular website.

First of all, you have to do a complete SEO audit for website. SEO audit is done to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a website. Webmaster identifies how chances are there to rank the website. SEO audit could be done manually as well as using software. Woorank is one of the authenticated software to conduct an SEO audit for the website.

Once you have done the website audit, now it’s time to do keyword research. Pick keywords with high search volume and low competition. You can use different tools like Google keywords planner, ubersuggest, keywordtool.io etc. for keyword research.

Now it’s time to create unique content based on your keywords for your website. Start Content writing and write plagiarism and error free content for website to rank it high in Google.

Once you have created content for your website, now post your content on website pages. Posting content on Pages is very critical and important stage. Post relevant content on every page.

One page SEO including link analysis, Meta tags, images tags, internal linking, robots.txt file, sitemaps and many other elements are important part of your SEO strategy. Start On page SEO analysis and fill all the missing elements.

Search Engine submission (Google and Bing): Once your website gets ready by onsite or on page point of video, then submit your website in Google and Bing etc. and leave for one or two weeks. let the search engine to index your website.

Start off Page SEO; create high authority backlinks on trusted website. Use right anchor text, relevant pages for link building purposes. Do follow back links are important for creating website authority, so focus on creating do follow high quality for your website.

It is very much important to measure the performance of your SEO activities. Keep an eye on website ranking, keywords, analytics and other factors. Website Ranking Analysis gives you a measure of your SEO efforts.

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