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SEO has two building blocks: on-page factors and off-page factors. On-page factors are things like content, images, and videos on your site. Off-page factors are things like backlinks and social signals.

SEO is challenging for business owners because it requires technical knowledge, constant testing and continued improvements. These requirements demand two critical components of your business. The first is a good website design, and the second is a good copywriter to create content that attracts and interests users. Once you have those two things, you will still need to rank high in Google. What do you need in order to accomplish this? An SEO expert to strategically build high-quality backlinks, while simultaneously optimizing your site for relevance.

It is very difficult to get other websites to link to yours to aid in this process. Helium, your SEO expert, will demystify this process for you and help you get the backlinks you need to rank highly in Google. When you are ranked higher on google you receive more traffic to your website. So, the higher you rank on google, the more business you will get.

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