South Africa’s Bathroom Butler Launches Heated Towel Rack and Full-Suite

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bathroom Butler, a South African based leading bathroom innovation, accessories and finishes company today announced that it has launched two categories of high-grade product lines in the U.S. Their first product line features their signature item – a smart technology Heated Towel Rack that can be temperature gauged to simply dry towels in the summer to keep them bacteria and germ free, or, which can be dialed up in the winter to provide a heated towel experience for users during the colder winter months. The company’s second product line features a full suite of bathroom accessories including shower racks, soap holders, robe hooks, shower footrests, towel bars, and toilet tissue holders – all of which have high-end stainless steel finishes and which use their patented RIGID Loc Mounting System.

Bathroom Butler EDGE 10 Bar Heated Towel Rack Bathroom Butler NATURAL 5 Bar Heated Towel Rack Matte Black

Furthermore, since Bathroom Butler products are already in use in leading hotel brands around the world, including in places like South Africa, Mauritius and Australia – now American consumers can bring the same Bathroom Butler products already in high-end properties like The Hilton Hotel and The Shangri-La Hotel right into their own homes.

“Throughout Southern Africa and Australia, our products have not only been used in single family homes but also in large scale developments due to our innovative product offerings and competitive pricing in the premium segment,” said Bathroom Butler CEO, Andrew Taylor.  “We create heated towel racks and bathroom accessories with an exceptional level of care and only use high grade materials such as Grade 304 Stainless Steel to ensure our products are long-lasting and durable.”

In fact, one of Bathroom Butler’s competitive advantages is the company’s innovative patented RIGID Loc Mounting System that is used on all of their bathroom accessories. Their RIGID Loc Mounting System securely mounts all of their products and eliminates the nagging problem of bathroom accessories giggling and wobbling from having loose screws that cause the fixtures to eventually dismount from the wall.

In addition, Bathroom Butler has pioneered an advanced DET Technology for their heated towel rack, allowing users to have remote control access to turn the device on or off, and to control the temperature between winter and summer months. Furthermore, the company was among the first brands to start using GRADE 304 Stainless Steel for their products instead of Chrome.  

According to the 2021 Home Upgrade study, bathrooms are the main area Americans plan to upgrade this year, with 45% of homeowners polled saying they will be (or are considering) upgrading or remodeling their homes this year, with renovations aimed at adding smart-home components (44%). Furthermore, U.S. trends are showing that the new home construction market is surging again with kitchens and restrooms being major focal points that sell homes.

Given all of the heightened interest in bathroom renovations and home building this year, Bathroom Butler is proud to offer its product line in the U.S. including…

Signature Product: Heated Towel Rack w/ Smart Technology (For Drying or Adding A Touch of Warmth)
Specifically designed to keep your bath towels dry, clean and fresh which means no more damp, moldy or musty-smelling towels

  • Dries towels all year round even in humid, wet and cool climates.
  • Helps prevent bacteria on your towels by keeping them hygienically dry.
  • Saves you water and electricity by doing less laundry loads.
  • Offers beautiful towel storage for a contemporary bathroom aesthetic. 

Bathroom Accessories 4600 Series
The 4600 Series is a popular choice, a classic round design which suits any bathroom style and adds a touch of elegance to this space.

Bathroom Accessories 5800 Series
The distinctive round design of the 5800 Series with its unique cross bar detail adds an element of artistic flair to the bathroom space.

Bathroom Accessories 8500 Series
The 8500 Series is a square design perfectly suited to a classic or contemporary style bathroom. The clean lines and overall sleek finish provide an updated, on trend appeal.

Bathroom Accessories 8600 Series
This 8600 Series collection offers a square design with the crossbar detail giving it a contemporary style. Our products reflect the latest technology ensuring that they continue to work as well in future as they do today.

Bathroom Accessories 9100 Series
The 9100 Series is a premium collection of bathroom accessories inspired by industrial design. A versatile range that delivers a refined finish.

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