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Getting Started F.A.Q.

How LinkLifting can help me?
LinkLifting is a white hat link building and SEO service, that can help you improve your website’s Google rankings, increase organic traffic and domain authority.

How does it work?
We create quality backlinks to your website using a combination of link sources. Moreover, we provide recommendations for on-page optimization and technical SEO. These are the main factors for getting into the top Google results.

How much does it cost?
You have full control of the expenses, and there is no long-term commitment. Typical budgets vary from $200 to $1,000 per month and mostly depend on the competition. The more your budget is, the more backlinks are created every month, the faster your website’s positions grow.

What kind of websites can I promote?
Most of our customers are small businesses and they use LinkLifting for their business websites. However, you can also use the service to promote a personal blog, a hobby website, or any side projects. Please note, that we do not work with illegal websites.

Can I promote only English language websites?
No, LinkLifting works perfectly for almost all languages. We have a lot of experience working with websites in foreign languages.

What is the minimum monthly budget?
The minimum budget is $99/month.

How long does it take to get to the top of Google search results?
Most of our customers observe first positive results (organic traffic increase and position improvements) in one month, although getting more valuable results may take over three months (depending on your website niche and many other factors).

Is it safe for my website? Are your backlinks whitehat?
Using LinkLifting is safe: none of our clients was ever knocked down by Google since our launch in 2015.

Is it just a backlink building service?
No. Besides link building, an essential part of our work is ensuring that the client websites are well-optimized for SEO. Thus we provide optimization recommendations and constantly monitor every active project.

How can I start my first project?
To start a project you need to enter a website, choose keywords, and pay for the first month of service

Are your backlinks permanent?
Most of our backlinks are placed permanently, but we also tend to use leased links to get better results with lower costs. Such a combination has the best ROI, according to our on-going tests. Leased backlinks may disappear if the project is no longer active.

What are the Domain Authorities and Pages Authorities (DA and PA by MOZ) of your backlink sources?
Leased backlinks are placed on the websites having DA from 15 to 45, on the pages having PA from 15 to 35. Permanent backlinks are placed on the websites having DA from 10 to 95, on the pages having PA from 10 to 65.

Are the backlinks do-follow?
We use a combination of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. We also mix anchors and use branded and bare URL anchors, so the link profiles look as organically as possible.

How many backlinks do I get?
For example, for a $350/month project, you will get about 10 permanent backlinks each month. Besides, we will use leased backlinks to enhance ranking results. The more your budget is, the more backlinks are created monthly, the faster your website grows in the search engines.

Can I outsource my SEO projects to you?
Yes, we work with SEO agencies and freelancers too.

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