SEO For Photographers: The Free and Complete Guide (December 2020)

In some cases you will find that there are no keywords that accurately describe what you do that people actually type into search engines. 

In these cases, I have two suggestions.

1. Focus On Branded Search

Sometimes you’ll see that a specific photographer’s name is showing up with more volume than other keywords. This usually indicates that the photographer is so popular in this area that people know to search for them by name instead of searching for other photographers. 

In these cases, Google often picks up on the fact that this brand is synonymous with “photographers in [city].”

Unfortunately, this takes time to accomplish. Your focus should be on building authority for your brand, getting links from local websites, and considering advertising options that drive people to search for your name (like radio or billboards). 

2. “Searchception”

This isn’t actually an industry term… I just made it up. It is like Inception, but for search. lol. 

Basically, you have to intercept your customers by finding them where they ARE searching.

So for example, maybe you find that less than 10 people per month are typing in “dog photographers in raleigh” and maybe 10-20 people per month are looking for “nc pet portraits.” Neither of these is very impressive, so need to get creative.

Ask yourself: “What are dog owners searching for that would allow me to make them fall in love with my dog photos?”

Let’s say that you do some research and find that 200 people per month are searching for “dog parks in raleigh.”

You could write a blog post with the top 5 dog parks in Raleigh, and feature sessions you’ve done with dogs playing at the parks. You then include a few paragraphs about how you love to capture the dogs with their owners in action and all of the benefits that would convince a dog owner to hire you for a similar session.

Or maybe you find that people are searching for dog breeders. You work with a breeder to do studio portraits of prestigious breeds and write a blog post with how every full breed dog deserves a studio portrait.

Sometimes keyword research isn’t black and white. You have to get creative and think outside the box about how people are using search engines, and how you can get in front of them!

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