On Page SEO Checker – Free Tool for On-Page Analysis

On Page SEO Checker is a universal tool that enables you to pinpoint your website’s weaknesses. By taking data from different sources and comparing your page with the top 10 real-time organic competitors for each of your target keywords, the tool gathers the information needed and suggests ideas for how to improve your page’s rankings.


Strategy ideas

Find out which pages of your website perform the best, and optimize them for target keywords. The checker analyzes your website’s landing pages and suggests already high-ranking pages you can optimize for particular keywords.


Backlink ideas

Discover new sources for traffic gathering and strengthening your search rankings. The Backlink Ideas feature makes suggestions that will help you get backlinks from high-ranked websites, and shows you the anchor texts your competitors have.


Technical SEO ideas

Be aware of technical issues affecting your website’s search positions. Get ideas on how to improve your website’s health, and fix critical errors. This section of On Page SEO Checker takes data from Semrush’s Site Audit tool and shows you technical site issues your website may have.


Semantic ideas

SEO is not just about keywords. To be high-ranking, your content needs to be relevant and meet a user’s needs. By checking your competitors in Google’s top 10 for given keywords, On Page SEO Checker gives you insights on semantically related words you can enrich your content with.


Content ideas

Learn how to use your target keywords to make your content more readable and consistent. We analyze the content of your Google rivals and provide you with guidance on what you need to beat them, so you can understand whether your content is overstuffed with keywords, or not as informative as it should be.


User experience ideas

See how your webpage is perceived by your audience. This page checker tool analyzes data taken from Google Analytics and gives you a picture of your web page’s UX state to help you find out what you need to fix in order to bring it to higher search positions.


SERP Features Ideas

Learn what you need to get your webpage to Google’s Search Engine Results Page. The tool looks through data based on your top 10 rivals in Google, searches the prospects triggering SERP features, and makes some recommendations for you, so you can implement this advice straight away.

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