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In the huge world of SEO, everything that you do is about reaching your goals for page ranking. You know that the coveted spots within search engine results are on the first page, and usually the top five. Increasing your page rankings with the major search engines increases your website’s visibility and gets you to that goal. Your website, and your business, relies on SEO and all that it entails.

The two main categories of SEO are On-page and Off-page. Briefly, the difference between the two is almost like night and day; on-page SEO deals with the pages of your website, like internal links, content, and keywords. Off-page SEO deals with everything that is not related to the actual pages of your website. Both categories affect your page rankings through how your site is indexed by search engines.

One of the more important sub-categories within Off-page SEO is link building – more specifically back linking. What many SEO experts focus on with Off-page SEO is the other sites that link back to your site. The overall idea is to get partners – or other websites – to link back to you. In addition to partners, you can also take efforts on your own to get links that lead to your site, like article submissions with your website’s URL in the Resource or Signature box. It is a good idea to choose websites and partners that have high page rankings because this, in turn, affects your link quality.

SEO, in general, is like a never-ending circle. Everything that you do to has an affect on indexing and page ranks. With Off-page SEO, you are working on increasing your page ranks from the outside. It is important to monitor your efforts so that you can make changes if you see that things are not working or have caused a decline in your current ranking. There are also some off-page “prohibited” SEO techniques that can be banned or panalized by search engines e.g. Google.

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