Link Building Survey 2020, COVID-19 Edition: Here’s What We Found

It feels like it is getting more and more difficult to get free guest post based links. Pretty much all bloggers that we reach out to now (even the ones that are not in the marketing world) ask for a payment in exchange to place a link in the form of guest post. I remember even 3 years ago, every 100 emails would have resulted in 10-15 free guest post opportunities which has come down to around 3-4 now at best.

People now understand the value of links more than ever. Therefore there are a lot of greedy people who want money even when you’ve done a great article, have a relationship with them, and delivered a great idea.

After years of building backlinks for the projects, it’s quite difficult to find the new/fresh donors, another thing is that each year we have to spend more and more for links. And the biggest problem is that when you work in some highly competitive niches most top players just overspammed their backlink profiles with thousands of “black” links and it is still working perfectly for them. So the only factor is a huge budget here, no creativity, strategy etc. Seems boring for me

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