How To Run An SEO Analysis On Your Site with

The Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin makes it extremely easy to identify, locate and fix any potential SEO issues with our built-in SEO Analyzer. In a matter of seconds, get the perspective and peace of mind you’ve been looking for knowing that your site has been set up correctly & know what to focus on…

In this video, we’ll walk you through how Rank Math’s SEO Analyzer & Auditing functionality works, as well as how to fix any of the issues that you might come across when testing your website.


SEO Analyzer Tool:


Table of Contents:
0:08 Preparing and starting the sitewide SEO Analysis
0:46 How to read the results
1:36 Basic SEO tests
2:05 H1 Heading and H2 Headings
2:58 Image ALT attributes
3:44 Links Ratio
4:17 Site tagline
4:47 Blog Public
5:02 Permalink Structure
5:49 Advanced SEO Section
6:08 Canonical Tag
6:49 Noindex Meta
7:36 OpenGraph Meta
7:57 Robots.txt
8:26 Search Console
8:55 Sitemaps
9:26 Performance tests
11:09 Security tests
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