How Does SEO Ranking Work?

The team discusses one of the most frequently searched SEO questions online. How Does SEO Ranking Work?

Many think of search engine ranking as something similar to magic. You type in your search, magic happens, and then you get a page of ranked pages that help you answer the question you’re asking.

So how do search engines rank pages according to search results? How do search engine algorithms (or Google Algorithms) work?

The truth is, search engine never really reveal how their algorithms work. However, over time, marketers and website creators have put together some general rules and factors that contribute to Google’s ranking.

The number one thing to remember, for starters, is that a page’s rank is always changing, as are a search engine’s algorithms. There are a lot of different factors (too many to name) but in general, the content of your page and how it relates to a search query are going to be first, followed by how well your site works and how a user behaves within your site. Does your page offer a user what they need? Are users actually finding what they need, and can the search engine properly analyze that? For Google specifically, is your page optimized for Core Web Vitals? Are you practicing ethical and valuable backlinking?

The list goes on and on, and in the past, a variety of “blackhat” techniques came about that ranked well, but did not amount to a positive experience for users. However, now, it’s believed that a page ranks better following the guidelines to create well-working sites for people, not specifically for the search engines.

Give the people what they want! That’s the secret to SEO Magic.

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