SEO has a similar format and process for every business. You want to start off with audits and keyword research, but as soon as you start to develop a content strategy, you have to dig deeper and gain audience insights. This helps you develop buyer personas, which in turn helps you create content that will most likely be relevant to a potential customer’s search query.

Technical SEO is another component altogether. Your pages will need technical code, such as Schema markup to easily guide crawlers and show search engines exactly why your content is the best answer for a user’s query.

Both on-page and off-page factors must be included in your strategy. On-page factors include headlines, subheads, title tags, h2, h3s, h4s, internal links, external links, mobile optimization, page speed, image alt attributes, and many other technical elements. Off-page factors refer to backlinking, social shares, brand mentions, reviews, Google My Business, directory listings, and other trust factors that say–people like this content and find it authoritative for the query.

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