FC2 Ranking

The top ranking sites of the Entry Page Ranking are the ones which contribute to increase in the number of accesses to your sites.

If you paste a blog part of FC2 Ranking to your blog or site, the entry page and your page can be automatically linked to each other.

This is a good way to increase the number of accesses each other. Because without the automatic mutual linking, they might not notice the link you made, or they might be too busy to add it.
If a blog part of FC2 Ranking is pasted to your blog or to the other sites,it can be automatically linked to each other.

The ranking chart can fit for any types of blog designs.
The display width and the display ranking number can be changed.
The background color, the letter color and the ruled line color can be customized as you like.
Just paste a tag for setting up! Very Easy!

There are also Blog Pars for the Popular Page Ranking and the Exit Page Ranking.
The Popular Page Ranking shows especially popular contents of your site. The Exit Page Ranking shows the sites many viewers leave for.

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