Domain Rating Checker

The Bulk Domain Analysis is a tool we’ve built here at using Ahrefs’ Dns rating API.

Now, because this tool is built off of Ahrefs API, it returns the exact same Web Rating and Ahrefs Rank (AR) results as you would get using the paid version of Ahrefs.

However, you don’t have to pay here as you can use this DR/AR checker for completely free.

Whether you want to check the strength of the backlink profile of your website, or see how your domain authority compares to the competition, this tool is able to help you.

It’s a bulk checker, which means you can check the Url Reputation of multiple sites (up to 10) at once, based on whether or not the domains are in the Ahrefs database.

Additionally, along with the Url score, our Bulk Domain Reputation Checker will also show you the Ahrefs Rank for any given domain you enter.

For the record, Ahrefs Rank (or AR) is a global website ranking system developed by Ahrefs and contains all websites from high to low based on the quality and size of their backlinks.

Are Url Rating and Ahrefs Rank connected? Yes, and in a way, they’re almost the same. Ahrefs Rank orders all websites in Ahrefs’ database by their “raw” values, which sort of mean AR is a much more granular DR score.

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