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Link Building Fundamentals

Google’s ranking algorithms determine how the search engine prioritizes search results. While the exact way the algorithms work are a closely guarded secret, SEO practitioners do have an idea of what criteria it looks for. The quality and structure of the content is one, as well as the number of relevant keywords that appear on the webpage (to name a few).

In addition to these on-page optimization techniques, one of the most reliable indicators to Google of a page’s quality is the number of links pointing to that page from other websites. These are called backlinks. Backlinks are based on the principle that you can only earn that link if other site owners deem your content to be relevant to their visitors.

The more backlinks you get, the more Google thinks your page is trusted, and the more it will rank your page higher in relevant search results. Thus, when it comes to SEO services, link building is one of the most popular and effective ways to increase page and domain rankings.

Because the link building process was abused and manipulated with SEO techniques that tried to trick Google, in later updates, the emphasis was placed on the quality of those links as well.

For an SEO link builder, the type and source of the link matter. A quality link given naturally from other high-quality websites or sources will carry greater weight than those from unmoderated blog comments. These non-paid links are called editorial links, and getting them is the primary goal of link building services.

There are many approaches available to SEO link builders, but the simplest one is manual outreach. It’s very basic in nature: get in touch with owners of relevant websites and ask them to link to your site! Of course, key to this is being able to give them an excellent reason to give you a backlink.

Manual outreach is a suitable tactic to build links when you’re starting, but is too cumbersome for in-house marketers to achieve at scale. Enter a link building SEO company like Victorious! At Victorious, we are able to scale this process of link building for you.

Broken Link Building

Broken links are links that point to a website or page that no longer exists. This occurs on the internet more often than you might think! It can happen if, for example, a supplement website points to a resource article that suddenly gets taken down. The website owner will, naturally, want to replace that broken link with a working one as soon as possible, and this is where the opportunity is.

If you can offer your own content as a suitable replacement for that broken link, then you’ve effectively created a backlink. You don’t even need to have a piece of content on-hand; sometimes, it’s worth the time and effort to craft a new piece of content just to replace that broken link.

Fixing a broken link is pretty straightforward, but the real challenge is in finding them in the first place. Because of Victorious’s programmatic approach to this tactic, we are able to scrape 100s of 1000s of domains each week, finding broken links, categorizing those domains by niche, and automatically following up with those websites at scale.

Resource Link Building

Resource link building is the process of pitching content to be included in relevant resource pages. A resource page is simply a page that has a list of specific topics that the website’s readers may find useful. The idea is for that page to become a go-to authority reference point for that topic, and the only way for owners to do that is to build as many relevant links as possible.

Resource page links are excellent for your own ranking because they can be high-authority sites with lots of credibility. They are helpful by nature, so people are much more likely to visit and revisit them.

As with any backlink tactic, the challenge here is finding relevant resource pages. Some pages even have a link if you want to suggest a resource, making your efforts way easier. After that, it’s all about reaching out and convincing them to include your content as a resource.

At Victorious, the approach we take to identify relevant resource pages at scale is the same approach we take to identify viable broken link opportunities in general. We simply change the filters within our proprietary tools, which, when tweaked, surface resource pages over other possible content types.

Link Reclamation and Unlinked Mentions

Link reclamation and unlinked mentions work very well together, as they are both optimization strategies that work with websites that have already linked or mentioned you in the past.

Link reclamation happens when websites who have linked to some of your content are no longer doing so. This can be due to several reasons, but it’s often because your content is no longer relevant to the article. It’s very similar to broken link building; SEO services often apply the same strategies here.

Unlinked mentions, on the other hand, occur when a website or article mentions your company or product but doesn’t include an explicit link pointing to your site. Unlinked mentions are low hanging fruits that are incredibly easy to fix. After all, the website already found you noteworthy by mentioning your brand, so it’s a small request to ask them to include a link with their mentions.

This happens a lot with images on a website. Often, bloggers or webpage authors will neglect to provide a link to a relevant image (like, say, your logo, or an infographic you made). Doing an image search on Google can reveal which sites used your photo and which ones linked to you or not.

Claiming unlinked mentions is an easy tactic that’s best done at regular intervals, such as every quarter. At Victorious, we identify these for you, although we find their value to your site within the context of your campaign is marginal compared to other link building methods that enable us to dictate anchor text and ensure content relevance.

Citation Link Building

Citation link building includes any strategy you use to get your company mentioned online. In contrast to any other brand mention, citations deal with details of your business, such as name, address, and contact information.

The goal of citation link building is to rank high in local searches. That’s why this strategy is often used by local service providers like dentists or plumbers. Citations are essential for such businesses to rank high in Google Map searches. When people are looking for a personal injury lawyer in a particular city, for example, that lawyer’s website should be one of the top places recommended.

The easiest approach for citation link building is listing your company in relevant business directories. Compared to other link building strategies, citations are generally the least expensive. You’re also almost guaranteed for a listing as long as you submit relevant business information. So, this is another of those SEO services that we do quickly at the beginning of your campaign.

Of course, it’s never the right approach to list your company in every directory you see. Not all directories are created equal, so it’s important that your company is listed only in high-quality sites. Questionable directory listings can reflect poorly on your brand. Good signs to look out for include a large number of visitors and a moderated listing.

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